This new journey in my life began with a journey. We left our home, our land, our continent of generations (my ancestors had arrived in the Cape of Good Hope in the late 1600’s) and began a new journey in the United States. It was time for lots of new things – new foods, new words, new friends, new ways of looking at things – and for me, a new career. After years and years in the world of classical ballet, I embraced with increasing delight my passion for travel. To discover new places, new cultures and new ways of sharing that.

In time Lazy Lizard Travel was born. I’ve always had the “travel bug” badly, so it seemed poetic to choose some kind of creature and the lizard was the obvious choice for me! I always seek the sunniest patch wherever I find myself. I love to bask. And I love to watch and observe – and pretend I’m not. And just like the lizard can change (especially the chameleon) to suit his surroundings – I can too! I can don pith helmet and explore like the best of them but you might also find me dressed to the nines, champagne glass in hand and enjoying the latest live Production! The next best thing to experiencing that all myself is to send others to enjoy it. I love to excite them with the adventure of travel and being of curious nature and enthusiastic about learning and new experiences, that is exactly what I set out to do. I believe that all travel should not only refresh and recharge but also educate and enlighten. That is my goal as I plan all my travel whether for my own pleasure or yours!

And hence to this journey…. I love all there is about travel (well maybe not airports, but that’s for another post!), I love to help others plan their travel and I love to share that love with others. And so it’s time now to put “pen to paper” so to speak, and write about all the wonderful places we can discover in our wonderful world! I hope you enjoy these stories and accounts almost as much as you enjoy your own travels…..

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