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  • Been There!

    I had two comments thrown at me this past week that have given me much cause for thought.  Not rude or unkind comments.  Not at all.  But comments suspiciously close to some that I may well have made in the past…. Unthinking, and most definitely, ignorant.  What in part has caused my consternation is neither. . . Read More

  • Midlands Meander II

    The Midlands and Underberg also bring those with a taste for more energetic endeavors to this region with a variety of high adventure activities.  One can arrange with a good local tour operator to do any of the following: trekking in the Drakensberg mountains, white water rafting, mountain climb with abseiling (or rappelling), kayaking or drive. . . Read More

  • Midlands Meander I

    The little village of Hilton and its neighbor Howick a little way down the road are quaint reminders of an English imprint on an essentially African culture.  Both are full of pseudo English homes and references to that land in their use of country lanes, names of streets and many gorgeous cottage gardens but here. . . Read More