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    5 Tips for Flying Through Holiday Travel Flying at peak seasons can be especially stressful. Here are 5 tips to help you fly through to your Boarding Gate during Holiday Travel. Check in 24 hours before you travel.  Purchase any additional services you may require at that time such as a checked bag.  It’s less. . . Read More

  • Custom Golf Travel

    Local businessman & golf travel specialist, Jack Smith, in affiliation with Lazy Lizard Travel LLC, has launched Custom Golf Travel with a focus on Ireland and Scotland. Jack’s attention to golf detail, intimate knowledge of Ireland and the Irish golf courses as well as his in-depth personal travel and trade contacts all help to ensure. . . Read More

  • Champagne Occasions & Honeymoons

    There is something so delicious about this time of year!  Apart from the turkey and trimmings….. it’s a thing called love and family and sweet beginnings. Many a canny mother or dad seem to know to keep a special bottle of champagne hidden away for that “unexpected” occasion.  We are going to the New Year’s. . . Read More

  • INDABA 2013: Africa’s top travel show

    Trip Report by Keith Holshausen, Lazy Lizard Travel LLC Even though I grew up in Southern Africa, every visit ‘home’ is filled with excitement from the moment I step onto the South African Airways flight in JFK, to the first sight of the rising sun and that unforgettable orange glow as we wing southwards.  SAA. . . Read More

  • Sleeping Partners

    There’s an old saying that goes “let sleeping dogs lie” and while that may be true for dogs, sleeping partners, don’t!  For that I am heartily glad as my “sleeping partner”, financial backer and Number One Encourager joined the business full time at the beginning of the year. Keith has watched and coached from the. . . Read More

  • 10 Great New Year Travel Goals!

    1)  Do not expect to find things as they are at home, remember you have left home to find a new and different experience. 2) Remember, if we were expected to stay in one place, we would have been created with roots. 3) Do not let other travelers get on your nerves. 4) Remember you. . . Read More

  • Been There!

    I had two comments thrown at me this past week that have given me much cause for thought.  Not rude or unkind comments.  Not at all.  But comments suspiciously close to some that I may well have made in the past…. Unthinking, and most definitely, ignorant.  What in part has caused my consternation is neither. . . Read More

  • Dreaming

    There is a process to any successful travel. It starts with an idea, some say inspiration, I call it dreaming. I dream and dwell on images of a place that appeals, then I ponder some more and pursue information, stories, and even more photographs slowly building a picture in my mind. Eventually this must lead. . . Read More

  • Beginnings

    This new journey in my life began with a journey. We left our home, our land, our continent of generations (my ancestors had arrived in the Cape of Good Hope in the late 1600’s) and began a new journey in the United States. It was time for lots of new things – new foods, new. . . Read More