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The deep pulse of Africa may not be apparent as soon as you land in this ancient continent but before long you will feel it. A sense of timeless peace takes over and yet carries with it a strongly vibrant awareness of life.

Time is measured by the sun here. Dawn is an event, a joyous celebration of a new day, while dusk brings a lingering melancholy before the sudden fall of night and its own busy secrets. The gentle breeze is redolent of exotic scents and spices unique to each area, telling of the people and wildlife that have passed before.

Africa has something for every taste: The wide open grasslands and teeming wildlife of the Serengeti or Hwange, wildlife walks through indigenous Zambian woodland, canoe trips down the mighty Zambezi river or makoro rides in Okavango Delta, face to face encounters with the endangered gorilla, helping to build schools and friendships with children in rural communities, the vibrancy of African cities and the elegance of Cape winelands or standing before the unparalleled magnificence of the world famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Africa is our birth-place and first home, so it is always with a sense of delight and privilege that we embark upon the planning of a journey to this most special of destinations. We visit often and work with wonderful local guides and partners on the ground to make sure that our clients are taken care of every step of the way. Simply put, we design a journey that is perfectly planned just for you. One that will excite, enchant and delight in every way.

Check out the Sample Itineraries to get you started… and call us to plan your own safari!

Africa is a true “bucket list” destination.  Her appeal reaches not only to couples traveling together but also to crossing generational boundaries which makes it a perfect family destination.  Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, grandparents with grandchildren, multi-generational families, friends traveling together.   Small exclusive groups and large student groups intent on learning and sharing.  Of course Africa makes a simply stunning destination for that unforgettable honeymoon. With a range of accommodations of exceptionally high standard from quaint bed and breakfast to 5 star luxury safari lodges and everything in between, coupled with the variety of in-country experiences, there truly is something for everyone.

I wanted to thank you again for an absolutely amazing trip! Everything went so smoothly on a logistics end. The places and people you had us visit created a truly life changing experience – I’m still struggling to put it all into words. South Africa will always have a very special place in my heart and I look forward to the day I can go back.

I am so grateful for you and this experience. Thanks again,

We had a great, great time in all phases of the trip – sixteen flights total including the sky safari, were all on time and there was no lost luggage. We enjoyed all the lodges, camps, safaris, and tours. We were treated royally at all the stops!

Our family recently had a wonderful trip to three different countries in Africa thanks in large part to the planning done by Lazy Lizard Travel.

We worked primarily with Su Holshausen to organize our vacation. She has a tremendous knowledge of the area and gave us many useful recommendations about where to stay and what activities to do while we were there. She also listened to us regarding the type of vacation that our family would enjoy and then arranged the trip accordingly. We did not have any problems with our travel arrangements (airlines, transfers, hotels and excursions) and it was good to know that we would be well taken care of on each leg of our journey.

She prepared us well for what to expect and then gave us any necessary contact information in case we had any problems or questions while we were away.

We would definitely recommend Lazy Lizard Travel for anyone who wants to visit Africa.

Well, we are home from what has been the most amazing adventure of our lives!!! Wow! Thanks again…it was more than we could ask for!

The gorilla hike was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (8 hours the first day and 5 hours the second), but worth it! We were surrounded by the gentle giants on both days and it was surreal. Uganda is a beautiful country and Zanzibar was a tropical paradise.

It has been a pleasure to work with you again, and I hope we will plan another African holiday in the future.

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