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Europe with its unique blend of cultures and history is a favorite destination. The Mediterranean lands are especially appealing with its sparkling water, golden sunshine and long leisurely meals enjoyed outdoors. 

Europe and Britain with their unique blend of cultures and history, diverse peoples, fantastic architecture and delicious food beckon to us from across the sea.  The quintessential tour of the continent is a perennial American favorite.  The historic lands of Europe continue to fascinate and draw visitors to experience not only the ancestry but its music, museums, art galleries, sports, wine, cuisine and culture. The peoples with their strong national pride, their very different languages and foods, cities built of stone on ancient waterways and travelers’ routes of centuries past, castles and kings, are all to be found on the continent.

We at Lazy Lizard Travel specialize in crafting a journey that is uniquely yours.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to see?  We use our own travel experiences to guide and pique your interest – and rely on our excellent travel providers who have expert local guides in each region to ensure that each experience comes alive.

Images of majestic castles, ancient ruins, fields of tulips, windmills, towers, stone bridges, historical monuments, iconic structures, soaring steeples, snow-capped mountains, the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, golden sunshine, long leisurely meals enjoyed outdoors, intermingle with the vibrancy of  the flamenco, the elegance of a Viennese waltz, the rousing sound of bagpipes in the Scottish highlands, the joy of local festivals.  The exceptional European rail system makes transport efficient and affordable while allowing you to easily experience more than one country during a visit.  A more leisurely and unique way of enjoying the heart and essence of the countries is to travel on inland waterways.  The choice runs from luxury river ships to comfortable private barges.  What better way to get to know the real Europeans?

Cruising the shores of Europe and through the Mediterranean visiting their ports is a wonderful way to get a taste of all this area has to offer and unpacking once certainly appeals to many.  Then you can plan to return on a journey that takes you deeper into the countries of Europe.

Whether its family roots, ancestral homes, a fascination with royalty, a desire to taste authentic cuisine, or visit quaint villages, we can help you put together just the trip to indulge in some quality time exploring the past and present in Europe. 

Well it did take me awhile to recover my “home legs” again, as you described that process so well. Only experienced travelers seem to understand that concept.

Ireland and Tuscany were both fantastic experiences, we loved them both! We were so pleased with your incredible planning, organization and follow through! Everything went off smoothly and efficiently at every step of the journey. Thank you so much for all you did to make it come off without a hitch.

We sang your praises along the way, hope you heard them. We can’t wait for you to plan the next adventure!

Warm greetings and all best wishes,

We wanted to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us.  We thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was both relaxing and informational.

We especially loved Florence and the hotel.  It was so beautifully appointed and had wonderful amenities.  The wine tasting was great. We had a great time at the Wine Estate with a tour and another tasting.

We had an amazing time in Rome as well. Our hotel in Rome provided great service.

Both of our tour guides were amazing! Thank you again!

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