Su and Keith are the dynamic duo that run this high touch specialist agency. Born out of their shared passion for discovery and adventure, Lazy Lizard Travel works to satisfy their discerning clientele with travel that restores, refreshes and educates. They personalize travel with creative itineraries customized to each client’s requirements.

Su Holshausen

Su grew up in the abundant sunshine of Zimbabwe and was educated in refined tropical style. There was ample time to spend outdoors where vast open scenery and wild nature invited discovery. As a descendent of 1679 Huguenots to the African Cape, the spirit of exploration and adventure still runs strong… “ I love to travel and my desire is that others would enjoy it the same way I do!”  

Su is passionate about travel and learning and is continually curious about people and places.  Her attention to detail, knowledge of her regions, in-depth personal travel and contact in the trade all help to ensure each client receives that excellence of service in creating their own adventure… But it is Su’s genuine love of people and desire to excite them with the adventure of travel that is her most marked characteristic.

Su is a certified Destination Specialist and holds several professional qualifications in travel marketing and management from The Travel Institute USA, the Center for Travel Marketing in California and IATA South Africa. 

Keith Holshausen

Keith was also born and raised in Colonial Africa, his only lingering tie to Europe being his German surname as his family arrived in South Africa after the Crimean War in the 1800s.

Keith has travelled through much of Southern Africa including the Indian Ocean Islands of Seychelles and Mauritius and regularly visits safari lodges and camps to keep in touch with their latest developments.  Keith is totally at home in the bush, being a wildlife enthusiast and he has a passion for conservation.  As a keen ornithologist he served many years with the Wildfowl Trust of Zimbabwe.  He was involved in various conservation projects and has presented at the African Crane & Wetland Training Workshop and the International Crane Foundation.

As a graduate from the University of Cape Town, Keith got to know and appreciate the heritage of the Cape and their world-renowned winelands which date back nearly 400 years.  It remains one of his favorite destinations – and the wine produced there is a favorite too!  Keith is a successful sportsman, accomplished golfer, enjoys fly-fishing and also the study of military history when he is not out travelling or designing itineraries.

Keith and Su have three grown children who have turned out to be equally curious about the world around them and enthusiastically embrace travel whenever they get the chance.

Devon Holshausen

“Devon is originally from Harare, Zimbabwe and spent his early years in Sub-Saharan Africa before making his home in the USA. He proudly embraces both his American and Zimbabwean identity and considers it a joyful paradox to be a Zimbabwean-American.

Having lived in four states across the US, three countries, and two continents, Devon has developed a profound appreciation for diverse cultures, cuisines, and locations. Travel is a cherished family affair for the Holshausens, with the ‘Holsie Juniors’ sharing the same passion for new experiences. From snorkeling in Puerto Rico, canoeing in South Africa, hiking in the Appalachians, game viewing in Zimbabwe, or going to the beach close to home, Devon and his family eagerly explore the wonders of this beautiful world and love sharing it with others.”

The Story Behind the Name

Lazy Lizard Travel often brings a smile and I’m frequently asked what the story is behind the name.

I’ve always had the “travel bug” seriously, so it seemed poetic to choose some kind of creature and the lizard was just the obvious choice.  I always seek the sunniest patch wherever I find myself. I love to bask. And I love to watch and observe.  And just like the lizard can change (especially the chameleon) to suit their surroundings – I can too! I can don safari hat and explore with the best of adventurers, pull on a wet suit and snorkel in island waters or dress up for opening night at the ballet.

The next best thing to experiencing that all myself is to send others to enjoy it, and so our selective travel agency was born.  We look forward to helping you plan your next trip of exploration, adventure or refreshment.

Explore - Experience - Educate