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  • Lion stories

    The meals in the hotels, lodges and camps of South Africa generally come as something of a revelation to our American visitors.  They are fresh, healthy, colorful and simply delicious.  What is more surprising to them, and many are world travelers, is that they are delightfully “normal” looking to their western eyes.  Of course this. . . Read More

  • African Sunrise

    It happens sometimes when you travel across time zones that you take a while to settle into the time change.  That can mean waking or sleeping at times not usual to you and in turn hearing or seeing things that you would normally not experience.  I woke sometime during the night and lay listening to. . . Read More

  • Homecoming

    After nights of sleepless excitement we have finally arrived!  We are back in Zimbabwe – our home land – as visitors.  How strange it all looks and yet how familiar. Our son was there waiting for us at Harare International Airport, the plane was early, all our luggage arrived and accounted for, the immigration and. . . Read More

  • Fall in Franschoek

    There were originally two very distinctive European influences on this most southern tip of Africa, the Cape, both brought through the Dutch East India Company.  The sailing ships trading exotic spices and goods brought from the Far East and India needed a safe harbor and fresh food and water on their long journey to and. . . Read More

  • Fall in the Wine Lands

    From Cape Town city it is a 30 – 40min drive to the little university town of Stellenbosch, nestled at the foot of the Simonsberg.  These harsh grey mountains provided the first barrier to the pioneers trekking inland all those centuries ago.  As they persevered they discovered little protected valleys and slopes perfect for the. . . Read More

  • Cape Town Fall

    Fall in the Cape of South Africa is a spectacular time of the year to visit. The weather is that jewel clear warm sunny late summer type of weather and its hard not to find yourself unwinding with it.  I am in sandals and sorry I didn’t bring my shorts! After arriving at the clean. . . Read More

  • Midlands Meander II

    The Midlands and Underberg also bring those with a taste for more energetic endeavors to this region with a variety of high adventure activities.  One can arrange with a good local tour operator to do any of the following: trekking in the Drakensberg mountains, white water rafting, mountain climb with abseiling (or rappelling), kayaking or drive. . . Read More

  • Midlands Meander I

    The little village of Hilton and its neighbor Howick a little way down the road are quaint reminders of an English imprint on an essentially African culture.  Both are full of pseudo English homes and references to that land in their use of country lanes, names of streets and many gorgeous cottage gardens but here. . . Read More

  • The Road Less Traveled

    There are well paved roads and there are beaten paths or as my Scots granny used to tell me “there is a high road and a low road”.  I could never decide which was the better to travel.  The high road might be the one with the most expansive views, the freshest air or bluest. . . Read More

  • Dining Out – On Safari III

    Back at Ivory Lodge, we are greeted with the news that dinner will be served tonight on the open deck underneath the old spreading Mahogany Tree.  We have just enough time to enjoy a large bubble bath overlooking the night river or an open-air shower under the stars. Oh, difficult decisions! Tables are set a-deux with. . . Read More