Where can I travel now?


I don’t know about you, but I’m heartily sick of “virtual travel”!  OK it was nice to have something like that to look at when this pandemic began ….. and when it dragged on.  But let’s face it, it doesn’t come close to the real thing. And we should know.  We normally spend a third of the year traveling and checking out new places or reacquainting ourselves with old favorites.  So when one of our clients recently asked, “where can I travel now?”….. this was my answer…

I’m glad you asked!

MOST of these require a negative PCR test for arrival.  However, with recent vaccination roll-outs, there has been ever more easing of requirements. 

PCR TESTING:  We found quick and simple drive-through testing centers in and around Raleigh where you self-test.  We have usually had results back within 24hours.  It is no longer necessary to do a “brain-retrieval” through the nose (!!) but merely an easy wipe around the lower nasal cavity!

FLYING:  Quite frankly, it is very reassuring to be on a plane knowing that everyone traveling to that international destination has been cleared with a negative covid PCR test.  And in all our last plane rides we have heard NO coughing or sneezing!  Imagine!

As the vaccine is rolled out world-wide, I do forsee travel becoming ever easier.

For now, these places are open and looking forward to welcoming you!

CARRIBEAN – Dominican Republic has no pre-arrival COVID test requirements, will conduct random rapid tests on arrival to a small percentage of folks, require you to fill in an electronic entry exit form and you will encounter temperature checks frequently throughout your stay (non-invasive pointer controls like at your dentist or optometrist).

  • Jamaica, St Lucia, Bahamas, Antigua, Anguilla, Barbados, Grenada, and others – Negative PCR tests for arrival (most 72 hours but some up to 7 days pre-visit) and complete some form of Health Form pre arrival.

Vaccinated travelers need to prove their vaccination and then will have more freedom to travel around the island after a second rapid covid test is done on island.  Results are back within two days or less.  All visitors need to have confirmed hotel or villa reservations. Some islands require further testing while on island and most have a phased regulation policy in place moving towards eliminating these altogether by the beginning of Fall.

  • The Bahamas recently announced that it was removing the PCR testing requirement for all fully vaccinated visitors. A completed health form and proof of vaccination must still be uploaded before arrival.

Mexico – entry regulations are similar to the Dominican Republic

AFRICA – many countries are open for travel and welcoming visitors.  Most require Negative PCR tests pre-arrival of 72 hours and the completion of Health questionnaire.

  • Egypt (fancy a cruise down the Nile and a visit to the pyramids?!), Rwanda (gorilla trekking), Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe (wide-open spaces and pristine safari) and South Africa to mention a few.

EUROPE – slowly preparing to open up again to visitors including those from the USA. 

  • Croatia and Iceland are already open, Greece expects to open her borders mid-May and even France is looking at possibly lifting travel restrictions in phases beginning in May.  

Negative PCR test presented on arrival within 72 hours or proof of vaccination plus online Health and/or Location information to be completed before arrival. 

MIDDLE EAST – Dubai and Israel are open for some travel with negative PCR tests and other protocols in place.

Return to the USA:  Currently all air travel return to the USA requires a negative PCR OR antigen test within 72hours.

Several of the properties that we use will offer our guests this simple test within their resort or lodge and make sure that they receive results in a timely way. 


As I mentioned the situation is fluid and changes frequently but we see it mainly moving in a positive direction.  We here at Lazy Lizard Travel, are certainly your best resource when it comes to choosing the best resort or hotel so that you can enjoy your vacation with minimal covid fuss.  Traveling again is possible but it can be complicated so use us to help navigate your way.

Talk to us soon about where you want to go and when! 

This information was gleaned from our Travel Trade articles and Tourism Boards of the various countries and applies primarily to US permanent residents or citizens.

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