Stone Dynamics Gallery

Keith has been appointed the North American Representative for Stone Dynamics Gallery, who are situated in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

This Gallery, established in 1986, provides a worthy platform for Zimbabwean artists to showcase their stone sculptures. The gallery is recognized internationally and has a permanent exhibition in the country’s premier tourist destination of Victoria Falls, allowing visitors from all over the world to view and purchase Zimbabwean art.

Artist of the Month

As promised, we are delighted to share a little more about some of the Stone Sculpture Artists whose work is on display.  This month we highlight Ernest Chiwaridzo.

Ernest says the philosophy of his sculpture is “creating sculpture that has a direct meaning to everyday life and relates to my experiences”.  His work is distinctive, exceptionally clean, with economical forms and lines being his trademark. It is bold and refreshing and has universal appeal.  Born in a rural area north of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, Ernest first worked as an auto electrician and was sculpting in wood and stone as a hobby.  Early on he spent time working at the power station near Hwange and saw many wild animals, especially elephants, from the nearby Hwange National Park.  It was here that he developed a strong consciousness about the lack of balance between humans and nature. Ernest feels strongly that we should learn to co-exist better with nature.  Even today some of his most loved works feature elephants.  As he found more expression in his art, he decided to take it up full time. Ernest first joined a sculpting community and then later on moved to a renowned Art Center.

Ernest is a likeable man with a great sense of humor and sharp, perceptive intellect says Stuart Danks, owner of Stone Dynamics Gallery.  He now lives and works in one of the leafy suburbs of Harare where he has his workshop in the large back yard.  It is there that this genial artist continues to turn out skilled, distinctive pieces each with his trade-marked bold clean lines. One of Ernest’s pieces was acquired during the British Royal visit to Zimbabwe in the 90’s and is now in the British Museum Collection. 

Safari visitors to Victoria Falls can visit the permanent exhibition at the Gallery and learn all about the artists.  Many even return home with their own individual exciting piece of stone sculpture.

While we still love to send you on safari it is now our delight to be able to bring this exciting art to you here in North America!  Contact Keith to discuss your distinctive piece of Stone Art.



Credit Stuart Danks author Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture and owner of Stone Dynamics Gallery for artist’s information.

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