8 Reasons To Go On Safari In November

As the year winds down and temperatures start to dip in many parts of the world, November emerges as a secret gem for travel enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for wildlife adventures, family bonding, or unique vistas, this often-overlooked month has something special to offer. Here are eight compelling reasons why November is a fantastic time to pack your bags and explore our world:

  1. **Secret Seasons in Africa**: November is an ideal time to explore Africa’s hidden beauty. The continent comes alive with lush landscapes, vibrant flora, and adorable animal babies! Witness the magic of nature as you encounter leggy fawns and wrinkled elephant calves in their natural habitat.
  2. **Nature’s Renewal**: November brings a burst of new life as bright flowering trees bloom, and birds embark on their migratory journeys, either heading south or returning from the cooling north. It’s a season of rejuvenation and awe-inspiring sights.
  3. **Less Crowded**: Escape the summer crowds and enjoy the tranquility of popular travel destinations. November offers better rates at lodges and camps, ensuring a more peaceful and intimate experience in “the bush”.
  4. **Flight Availability**: Booking during the shoulder season means more flight availability and better deals on airfare. Say goodbye to the hassles of fully booked flights and embark on your stress-free journey!
  5. **Anticipation of Rain**: Feel the excitement in the air as you await the first thunderstorms and rain of the season. November is a transitional period, and the anticipation of rain brings a unique charm to your travel experience.
  6. **Family Bonding**: With everyone off for Thanksgiving, November is a perfect time to travel with your loved ones. Create unforgettable memories by celebrating Thanksgiving in a unique destination, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  7. **Give Thanks in Spectacular Scenery**: Imagine expressing gratitude against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. November allows you to give thanks surrounded by nature’s wonders, free from the usual holiday drama.
  8. **Unique Shopping Experience**: Get a head start on your Christmas shopping by exploring African craft markets and gift shops. Discover one-of-a-kind treasures and check off your holiday shopping list while immersing yourself in local culture.

In conclusion, November is a hidden treasure in the world of travel. From the enchanting African landscapes to the joy of family gatherings and the thrill of unique shopping experiences, this month offers a myriad of reasons to explore the world.

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