5 Tips for Flying Through Holiday Travel

Flying at peak seasons can be especially stressful. Here are 5 tips to help you fly through to your Boarding Gate during Holiday Travel.

  1. Check in 24 hours before you travel.  Purchase any additional services you may require at that time such as a checked bag.  It’s less expensive to do this before you get to the airport.  It also helps the airline to manage their loading and alerts them to the fact that you are intending to travel.  However, this does not excuse you from being at the airport on time, you still have to be physically through security and at your gate ready to board at the designated time.  And while you’re online, check your airline website for any last minute or urgent advisories that may affect your flight or route.


  1. Sign up for Travel Alert on the airline website giving your mobile number. You will get sms text or email alerts sent to your phone keeping you up-to-date with any changes in your flight times, terminals and gates.  Fill out your Emergency Details and/or passport information if you haven’t done this already.  This saves time at the check-in desk.


  1. Be at the airport ready to go through security at least 2 hours before your flight for domestic and 3 hours before International flights. Leave additional time if you have to find a parking or check a bag.  Make sure you have been through your carry-on and/or pockets and cleared out any items that are restricted including any bottles of water.


  1. If you print off your boarding pass, make sure that the bar code is crisp and clear. If your printer is fuzzy and the code is blurred, you will be asked to return to the check-in desk to get a new boarding pass as the TSA scanner cannot read and recognize your flight.  Alternatively, download to your smart-phone and make sure that you have that digital version clearly displayed.


  1. Make sure your smart-phone, laptop, camera, i-pad…. All your digital devices are fully charged and ready BEFORE you leave home. Keep all your cords, adaptors and plugs in one bag.  I use a soft zip-up pencil case that slips easily into the front of my carry-on or purse.  Make sure you take this on board with you and don’t pack it in your checked luggage.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure you take plenty of kindness and patience with you when you travel!  There may be lots of people who will never have traveled before, families or older folk for whom the whole business of air travel these days is a far cry from the elegant affaire of yesteryear.  A kind heart and ready smile go a long way towards making your journey, and theirs, a better one.  Happy travels!

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