10 Great New Year Travel Goals!

1)  Do not expect to find things as they are at home, remember you have left home to find a new and different experience.
2) Remember, if we were expected to stay in one place, we would have been created with roots.

3) Do not let other travelers get on your nerves.

4) Remember you are a guest, and that he who treats his host with respect shall in turn be treated as an honored guest.

5) Realize that unless all respect the frailty of the Earth and are willing to help in the preservation of its unique and beautiful destinations, they may not be here for future generations to enjoy.

6) Leave only footprints. Take only photographs. Do not take away “souvenirs” from historical sites and natural areas.

7) To make your travels more meaningful, educate yourself about the geography, customs, manners and cultures of the region you visit. Talk with and listen to the local people.

8) Respect the privacy and dignity of others. Inquire before photographing people.

9) Do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals, such as ivory, tortoise shell, animal skins, and feathers. Read “Know Before You Go,” the U. S. Customs list of products which cannot be imported.

10) While you are away, look around you and you will realize when you get home – just how truly lucky you are!

Travel is a natural right of all people and is a crucial ingredient of world peace and understanding.

With that right comes responsibilities.

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Ya’lla Tours USA encourages the growth of
peaceful tourism and responsible travel.

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