Sleeping Partners

Keith Holshausen

There’s an old saying that goes “let sleeping dogs lie” and while that may be true for dogs, sleeping partners, don’t!  For that I am heartily glad as my “sleeping partner”, financial backer and Number One Encourager joined the business full time at the beginning of the year.

Keith has watched and coached from the sidelines as the Lazy Lizard steadily became more of a Busy Lizard.  Satisfied clients, happy travelers and inroads into specialized Corporate Incentive travel have meant a steady stream of referrals, repeats and new work.  This convinced us that Lazy Lizard Travel needed someone to take on the growth and development of our business towards a glowing future.

Keith now comes on board full time to help grow this vibrant business, which has already become established as a well respected player in the travel industry.  With over 30 years of experience in running and managing businesses, Keith now looks forward to employing these skills at Lazy Lizard Travel.  His knowledge and understanding of the components involved in successful business operations include financials, business development, marketing and management and these combined with Keith’s attention to detail and personable nature will make him a valuable partner at LLT.

Keith has already added his expertise in the constructing of some exciting new trips that appeal to our golf, safari and wine enthusiasts and we’re looking at combining all of those interests in our future trips!  In the last six months, Keith has met with our suppliers on the ground in Southern Africa, Scotland and Italy as we take Lazy Lizard Travel to the next level.  Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for more fun travel adventures from us both!

It is with a large measure of excitement I welcome my new business partner who, far from sleeping like a dog, is rather wide awake and roaring like a lion, eager for the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from a business well run and going places. 

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